Sunday, October 26, 2008

A shocking reminder that we're aging

When I first saw the e-mail, I misread it. "Oh, what a shame that his father died."

Then I looked again.

It wasn't his father who'd died, it was him?

I called my husband over to read the e-mail. He couldn't believe it, either.

The friend who'd passed away was a year younger than my husband.

Apparently, we're now at to the age at which it's almost as likely that the deceased will be a friend as that the deceased will be the friend's parent.

It's a frightening reminder of our mortality.

Update, later the same day:

The funeral was standing room only, as befit a man who'd spent most of his life as a professional classical musician. And the apartment was packed for tonight's shiva minyan, a fitting tribute to a fine man, and, I hope, a comfort to his family.


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